Where You Can Expect to see the Stars of Downton Abbey After the Series Finale


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If you’re one of the millions of people who watch Downton Abbey, then you were probably saddened to hear that its upcoming sixth season will be its last. We will have to say goodbye to the characters we know and love and the actors that have done an exquisite job of bringing them to life. Unfortunately, actors that have been on such a popular series for so long and have portrayed such memorable characters usually have a hard time finding work afterwards.

Although, some of the stars of the show have already signed on to future projects. Hugh Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, is set to star in a new TV mini-series, The Hollow Crown, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s historical plays. Laura Carmichael, otherwise known as Lady Edith Crawley, the troubled daughter of Cora and Robert, is going to appear in a comedy entitled Burn Burn Burn, according to IMDb. It is about two young girls who take a trip to scatter their friend’s ashes following his death. Michelle Dockery, who makes playing a character like Lady Mary Crawley look effortless, is starring in the upcoming Sci-Fi thriller Self/less, about a terminally ill man (Ben Kingsley) who has a risky medical procedure done which relocates his consciousness into that of a hearty young man (Ryan Reynolds). Joanne Froggatt is known for her role as the amiable lady’s maid Anna Bates. According to IMDb, she will appear in Starfish, a drama set to be released in 2016. Rob James Collier, who plays the duplicitous yet multifaceted Thomas Barrow is in a family drama that will be released later this year, A Christmas Star. Cora Crawley, the American wife of Robert Crawley, is played by the beautiful Elizabeth Mcgovern. She already had a small role this year as a judge in Woman in Gold. Her other film, Swung, was released June 19 in the UK, according to IMDb. You probably saw Sophie McShera (Daisy) as the evil stepsister Drisella in this year’s box office success Cinderella. Cinderella was played by another Downton Abbey star, Lily James, otherwise known as Lady Rose. She has four big projects currently in production, according to IMDb. She will star alongside this year’s breakout star Alicia Vikander and Bradley Cooper in Adam Jones, the story of a chef trying to get his life back together. James will also play Natasha Rostova in War and Peace, adapted into a TV mini-series. Jane Austen’s classic tale will be reimagined in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, with James as the lead role, Elizabeth Bennet. Dame Maggie Smith has two films out this year, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a sequel to the 2011 sleeper hit, and The Lady in the Van, based on the true story of an idiosyncratic elderly woman named Mary Shepherd, who, for fifteen years, lived in her van in the driveway of playwright Alan Bennett.

No matter what they end up doing, the characters portrayed on Downton Abbey will have a special place in the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. It is arguably one of the best period drama television shows ever, and certainly the best I have ever seen.

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